Why Is It A Great Stepping Stone?

It's A Good To Invest In A Business Consultation. A Business Consultant Can Assist You In Overcoming Obstacles And Implementing New Ideas That Will Offer Your Company A Competitive Advantage In The Market. When Entrepreneurs Provide Advise To Start-Ups, They Are More Likely To Succeed. A Good Consultant Will Offer Thorough Business Knowledge, Results-Oriented Solutions, As Well As Creativity And Invention For New Sustainability Concepts.

This One Session Can Transform Your Business

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    IBH - The Internet Business Hub, Is an initiative of Rakesh Sekh

    Rakesh Sekh Is The Founder & CEO Of Internet Business Hub (IBH). He Is Best Known For His Expertise In Internet Marketing, Sales Funnels And Business Automation.He Is Also Well-Known For His Ability To Close High-Ticket Clients And Keeps Them Motivated Throughout Their Journey.

    He has generated a Revenue of 90 Lakhs 60 Thousand in between December 2021 and March 2022 and More than 10+ Crore Revenue throughout his journey.

    He has Worked With Variety of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, And Freelancers To Help Them Scale Their Business and Generate Revenue By Applying His Proven Strategies.

    After successful execution of his expertise, Strategies and Foolproof Techniques he is on a Mission To Help at least 1000+ Entrepreneurs, Agency Owners And Freelancers by the year 2022 In achieving at least 3-5 Lacs of Revenue under His Mentorship,

    IBH entered the picture at this point. It was established to provide the most comprehensive variety of digital or internet marketing services.
    ✅IBH helps business in growing digitally, as well as increasing revenue through the use of the internet and technology.
    ✅IBH Can Help You In Expanding Your Business Online Through Strategy, Execution, And Bringing You The Best Results.
    ✅Our Services Are Customized To Fit Your Needs, Whether You're Just Getting Started With Digital Marketing Or Have Been Doing It For Years.

    Our Premium Services

    Expert Teams, Carefully Designed Growth Marketing Methods And Solutions That Make A Real Difference. With Our One-Of-A-Kind And Scalable Business Strategies And Services, You Can Get Your Business Off To A Great Start.


    Website Development

    Developing A Website Can Be A Strategic And Complex Process, And All Top Players Prefer High-Performance Websites To Produce The Best Results. We’ve Developed Over A Hundred High-Converting Websites. The Only Reason To Choose A Well Optimised Website Is To Produce The Desired Outcomes.


    Social Media Marketing

    It Establishes A Connection With Your Customers, Raises Brand Awareness, And Ultimately Generates Leads And Sales. Do Not Underestimate It As A Trend As More Individuals Acquire Access To The Internet And Become Engaged On Social Media. With Social Media Marketing, You Can Communicate, Raise Awareness, Drive Interaction, Provide Assistance, And Develop At A Minimal Price.


    Lead Generation

    It’s Crucial Since It Allows Your Company To Generate And Convert Traffic Into Prospects Interested In Your Services And Products. These Leads Convert At A Higher Rate. Consider It A Method For Converting Your Website’s Traffic Into Revenue For Your Company. We Make This Happen For You At Ibh.


    Facebook Ads

    When It Comes To Social Media, Facebook Dominates Supreme. It Is, Without A Doubt, The Platform Of Choice For The Bulk Of Digital Marketers. When It Comes To Spending Your Advertising Budget On Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads Are The Finest Choice. It’s A Terrific Technique To Raise Website Traffic And Create Loyal Consumers By Increasing Visibility And Traffic. The More Interaction Your Users Have With Your Company, The More Likely They Are To Convert.



    What We Do Is Make Everything Strategic And Offer The Best Possible Outcome. We Are Delivering The Best Of The Best Solution To All Of Our Clients Using Funnel Marketing, Which Is The Next Stage In Digital Marketing. A Proven Approach For Quickly Converting Visitors Into Leads And Eventually Into Customers Is To Use Funnels.


    Local Seo

    It Would Be The Most Efficient Method Of Allowing Users To Learn About Your Company. Local Seo Has Benefits For Your Company When Executed Properly. After Performing A Google Search, Potential Clients Contact You Immediately. These Users Have A Higher Probability Of Becoming Clients.

    This One Session Can Transform Your Business

    What Are You Waiting For -

    Get our how to guide

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